Store hours Wednesday & Thursday 11 am to 6 pm

Skyline Skeet and Trap LLC

Guns, Gunsmith &
Skeet fields


Our store is located at: 972 Skyline Road Lawrenceville Pa 16929

Open Wednesdays & Thursdays 11 am until 6 pm.

Our store is packed full of new and used items.  We purchase between 30 - 40 guns a month and have over 200 used guns in stock at all times, our stock is forever changing so check in often.   We are not that gun store with the same 10 guns.....We also have a large section of used hunting and reloading items, books and odd items.

We buy gun estates, NO ESTATE is too big.  

We do professional appraisals, which include dating, condition, and current selling prices. 

We also tag guns for families so they can match it to the appraisal.  

Gun Transfers:  

Face to face transfers:  This service is for customers wanting to sell their personal guns to a another person.  Both the buyer and seller is required to be there at the time and have a current driver's license.  A  PIC check will be completed on the buyer.  This service's fees are $20  per gun.  If the seller is selling more then one gun to the same customer,  additional guns will be $10 each. 

Mailed in or internet transfers: This service is if a customer find a gun on the internet on sites like Gunbroker.  I will fax or email our ffl and receive the gun's shipment and then do a PIC check of the buyer.  This services fees:  $20 for the first gun $10 for each additional gun same time.


* We do not accept FACE to FACE transfers for any FFL's, We only do this for Gun stores  that we know personally and have a business relationship with.  (this means if you come into my store to buy a gun and you hold an FFL we are also going to do a PIC check)  


Link to GunBroker  Auctions

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